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Manufacturers! Are you Green? Simple Steps

Posted on: 2011-09-28 12:57:51

Get ahead of your game!

Going green in manufacturing is an essential strategic business priority. Look at the big players such B&Q, Tesco and M&S - they ensure their manufacturers are green and using green methods.  They have, as a result, been staking a bigger and bigger claim in the marketplace and have innovated their own unique green approaches.

For the smaller manufacturers who want to get ahead of the game and sustain their place in the marketplace, they must begin to take action now and go green as soon as possible.  They must develop a sustainable approach to sourcing and supply chain initiatives that entwine the green ethos into sound business planning. The move towards being green does not have to be daunting.  There are different approaches with inexpensive, simple, quick and effective solutions.   With some easily attainable “quick wins”, manufacturers can reposition themselves ready for the low carbon and green growth industries and gain a competitive advantage. 

Here are some simple steps that PB Energy Solutions can help with:

  1. Know your baseline.  Understand your spend, supply chain and consumption patterns, including carbon foot printing and an assessment of your "green" status.
  2. Have a plan.  Once you have a baseline, you can monitor progress and set targets and goals.
  3. Accountability.  An employee within the organisation should have the job of overseeing sustainability and be empowered to effect change.
  4. Profile your ‘greening’.  Spread the word on what you are trying to achieve and be sure to communicate to all levels the reasons why green implementation is being undertaken; how it will be monitored; and how the company is going to get there.
  5. Incorporating "green" into existing sourcing and procurement.  "Green" is more than just price. Structure green priorities into existing processes and it will drive green goals.  Priorities can be prohibiting harmful chemicals in supplies and stipulating long-lasting, rechargeable and recyclable materials.
  6. Communicate standards to suppliers. Setting clear expectations of a supply base during the sourcing process will pro-actively monitor green compliance/progress. Suppliers should be made clear about what to provide and how they will be measured.
  7. Keep up with new materials, technologies and processes.  Stay up-to-date in the industry, take part in industry forums and use the knowledge to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.
  8. Start simple.  Identify "quick wins" such as energy efficiency measures by reducing energy usage and wastage.  This delivers results in cost savings and improves image and reputation. 

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