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Why you should prepare for Green Growth

Posted on: 2012-05-26 11:18:57



Green Growth is now officially recorded at £122bn, with over 1million employees and a trade surplus of £5bn.  The Green Deal will further boost the sector.  

The low carbon sector grew 4.7 % against 2009/10 at £116.8bn.  This is a record for green  growth with UK green goods and services hitting £122bn.  The rest of the economy is very slowed in comparison.

This, together with the UK solar industry back in business, proves that preparations for green  growth  make good business sense. 

Clean energy, building techniques, and wind energy were three of the largest sectors of the low carbon and environmental goods and services, with carbon finance, wind, wave and tidal, and carbon capture and storage having the highest year-on-year increases.

UK businesses in the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector grew by 0.1 % to 51,700, with signs of employment growth in the sector since the start of the recession.

These facts highlight that the Green Deal, just one small part of the overall green growth landscape, will further boost the economy and present viable opportunities for businesses to move into.

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