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Green Deal News July 2012

Posted on: 2012-07-07 14:25:57

Dear all

Green Deal is now gathering pace. More and more UK businesses are gearing for its launch on 1 October 2012.

Millions of homes and businesses are set to benefit under the Green Deal - owner occupiers and tenants alike will to reap the rewards of improved energy efficiency with additional help for vulnerable households, those on low incomes and those with homes that are expensive to treat (such as solid wall construction).

The Green Deal is a massive opportunity for UK's businesses. All industries, such as retailers, tradespeople, energy companies and investors will access a huge and growing low carbon market, which will drive the need for more jobs and skills across the supply chain – and across the whole of the UK.

To put it into perspective:


500,000 houses every year for 40 years need improving

Hundreds of thousands of new jobs created

SME builders and SMEs in all sectors have key roles

External & internal wall insulation will increase by factor of 10

1,000 new Green Deal apprenticeships

Shortage of plumber and heating installers

Renewable technology installations will increase


This Edition of Green Deal News covers the latest developments on Green Deal, such as the Green Deal Code of Practice; Green Deal Products list; free registration for Green Deal Quality Mark; up and coming interactive Green Deal conferences; including the latest on the Renewable Heat Incentive.


You will see that the 'Green Deal Jigsaw' is coming together and what it means for small businesses. The Energy Company Obligation article presents how the ECO funding from the Big Six is shaping up, and why you should understand and prepare for the installer Certification - PAS 2030.

Green growth is now official and consolidates any business planning to take advantage of green growth, no matter what trade, sector, profession or industry you are in.


And one for you to consider:  the growing export opportunities for our renewables industry.  See the delegation opportunity to Pakistan, a huge untapped market, in September 2012.  More export opportunities will follow.

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Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) CIHCM

PB Energy Solutions Ltd.

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DECC launch the Green Deal Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is for Green Deal Providers, Green Deal Advisors, Green Deal Installers and Certification Bodies and is issued by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change under regulation 10 of the Green Deal Framework (Disclosure, Acknowledgment, Redress, etc.) Regulations 2012.


International Opportunities for UK Renewable Companies

Phyllis is honoured to support Green Prospects in introducing a trade delegation to Pakistan - the new Strategic centre of the Emerging Asian Energy Hub. Pakistan benefits from abundant sunshine and high wind speeds (13 – 16mph) located in major centres such as Karachi, Baluchistan and Sindh provinces with sufficient wind potential to power every coastal village in the country.


The Green Deal Products List

To what extent can existing product lists, such as the list of Microgeneration Certification Scheme compliant products be used as the starting point for the Green Deal Products list?


Free Green Deal registration and authorisation

Businesses thinking about offering Green Deal services will be able to register free of charge. DECC said there "will be no fees for assessors, installers and providers who wish to get the official Green Deal stamp of approval during the first two years of the scheme". This decision has been made as a result of the Green Deal consultation which ended in January 2012


Green Deal interactive Conferences for Installers

Phyllis Boardman is helping the SME sector to gain access to the green growth market and is collaborating with Pilot Navigation ( and TSP Media ( In partnership, we are launching a series of interactive conferences across the UK, focussing on the opportunities offered by Green Deal to installers. The focus will be on the financial benefits and practical considerations/techniques; and optional follow-on workshops to give hands-on training at venues within easy reach.


Green Deal: Government Response to the Consultation

The Green Deal consultation invited views from November 2011 to January 2012 on all aspects of the new home improvement initiative. There were over 600 written responses and the Government has reviewed their policy accordingly. This article looks at the next steps and additional measures under the PAS 2030.


Government remain committed on Renewable Heat Incentive

DECC has announced the timetable for RHI is on track for July 2012. RHI provides long-term support for renewable heat technologies such as heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal panels.


The ‘Green Deal Jigsaw’ coming together!

The Green Deal is like a puzzle that requires assembly of interlocking pieces. Today, the Government has put a major piece into the Green Deal 'jigsaw' by announcing secondary legislation. This will boost confidence to industry and trigger the Green Deal energy efficiency market into mobilisation......


Energy Company Obligation overview

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is aimed at supporting the poorest and most vulnerable in society, including people in deprived areas from rising energy bills by upgrading their homes so that they are cheaper to heat for good. Article kindly provided by YESprojects, a Green Deal Pioneer Provider working in partnership on the Green Deal with PB Energy. . . .


Understanding PAS 2030 Certification for Green Deal Installers

It is estimated that 500,000 homes a year up to 2040 will need to be eco-retrofitted which will present massive opportunities for installers. Installers of those energy efficiency measures under the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation Scheme will need to be PAS 2030 certified in order to operate. This article provides an overview of the assessment by a certification body against the PAS 2030.


Why you should prepare for Green Growth

Green Growth is now officially recorded at £122bn, with over 1million employees and a trade surplus of £5bn. The Green Deal will further boost the sector . . .


Green Deal Nationwide News: May 2012

The missing links in the Green Deal are now appearing. We already have 22 Green Deal Providers, with many more to be announced. UKAS announced the first accreditations for Green Deal Certification of Installers and Advisors; and MRASCo Ltd signed a contract to build Green Deal Central Charge database. Read on for more 'green nuggets' of information: