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Save Money on your Gas & Electricity

Posted on: 2011-08-25 15:23:08


Save Money on your Gas & Electricity.  It is simple:-

Save Money - Green Button

We can carry out a free audit.  Just from your bill, we can assess:

Current suppliers

Account or MPAN number

Number of units charged across a number of days

Charges per kilowatt

Period of the bill

We will negotiate new deals in time for contract renewal.

We can also offer a full management service for a nominal fee.

As well as reducing prices, we offer guidance on improving your carbon footprint and checking your environmental compliance, thus avoiding hefty fines.  This will improve your image, increase sales and save you money.



A local funeral parlour, with 6 sites, saved £5,500 on their electricity after contacting us for a free audit.

£1,100 per annum on electricity savings obtained for a large Manchester based graphics company.

Ring for your FREE audit:

Tel:  01942 829568