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Green image, eco-friendly, sustainable, energy efficient?

Posted on: 2011-08-24 18:22:04

No matter what you call it, being 'green' no longer means simply meeting regulatory requirements. Using less paper in the office and having the odd recycling bin is a bonus but businesses must now look to more creative ways to position their company as eco-friendly. 

Green credentials are the new status symbol for businesses

The drive to adopt a green ethos is driving businesses to take a new look at their practices.

Local authorities are forcing businesses to meet tighter regulations in line with the strict standards being set by the European Union.

Save Money, Improve Image, Increase Sales

How can PB Energy Solutions help your business achieve this?

Increase your Sales

As society as a whole strives to embrace sustainability and millions of consumers try to make greener lifestyle choices, green credentials are the new status symbol for a business.

Green Image is a Unique Selling Point

Companies are beginning to re-position their brand using ‘green’ as there USP.  Sustainability aware practices are being implemented by marketing teams as they are instrumental in a company's green credentials being part of a complete end product. Marketing campaigns of the future will feature sustainability or green messaging centrally.  With growth for global advertising spend in 2012 set to increase, and with the advent of the London 2012 Olympics less than a year away, every brand will be competing for visibility across traditional and digital marketing channels.

Improving your Image

PB Energy Solutions advises supports and facilitates a ‘being green’ methodology.  This can include a combined or individual approach tailored to your organisation.

We keep you keep you up to date with the latest trends, campaigns and green marketing tools that can be quickly and easily adopted.

Energy Savings and Cost Savings

We set goals to keep track of progress; not only does it make you and your team feel better about the business, but your clients and prospective clients will see you as actively adhering to your ethos. Taking a rounded approach will lead to true eco-friendly companies being able to show off their credentials to stand out from their competitors.

We can help you lead the way and challenge you to think in a different and sustainable way.

Those that don’t will be left behind. 

Re-invention or extinction?


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