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GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No11/18 September 11

Posted on: 2011-09-18 18:36:56


Dear all

Rain! Rain!  Rain!   

Does it ever stop for long?  Yet we are constantly reminded of water shortages, water metering and rising utility bills.  The fact is water demand has started to exceed supply, and localised flooding has become an issue.  

Ever thought of rainwater harvesting? 

Water is free until it passes down into the drainage systems.  The concept is very simple.  It collects the rain which falls onto your roof then stores it in a tank until you require it.  When needed, the water is pumped to where you require it.   This is not a new concept; however the availability of a clean, inexpensive and reliable water source through the mains supply has overtaken the need to collect it ourselves.

PB Energy Solutions can now provide information on rainwater capture.   We will be enhancing a general understanding of the advantages of rainwater harvesting systems for your business (or home).  Articles will follow in the coming weeks, but do not hesitate to contact us at PB Energy Solutions in the meantime.

Topical this week is the speed with which the Green Deal is progressing.

The Green Deal is designed to provide trusted, accredited installation of energy efficiency measures to households and businesses. Certification will be mandatory as work will be undertaken by a range of tradespeople. There will be a consistent approach to product and material certification; and warrantees covering materials and installation.

The Green Deal quality mark will protect from rogue traders.   All  those in a Green Deal  supply chain will have to display this mark and it will need supply chains to be in place to manufacture, specify, and install solutions to accredited standards.

If you are intending to be part of the Green Deal supply chain, please contact PB Energy Solutions for free initial advice.  There are a number of pre-requisites you will need in place before you apply for Green Deal accreditation in 2012. 

Don’t think you are affected by Green Deal?  Read on!

Whatever your business, and I really do mean WHATEVER your business,  the move to a green economy will affect you, albeit in different ways and to varying degrees. Across all the different industries, there will be new market opportunities for businesses as a result of the shift towards greener products and services.  PB Energy Solutions can advise on the opportunities in specific sectors for you.  And remember, you may think you will not be affected by a Green Deal supply chain, but somewhere along the various chains you will be!  Whatever your business! 

Fundamental to the green economy, Green Deal opportunities and resulting supply chains, is the necessity to be green yourself as a business.  How green are you?  You may say you are, but are you truly green? Green washing will not be acceptable, Trade Standards are already showing signs of checking out green credentials.  This will intensify as businesses start to chase Green Deal work and get onto the supply chains.  And achieving that prestigious Green Deal accreditation will necessitate you to be green, truly green that is!  It needs to be embedded into your organisation and it needs to be evidenced.  Not only for Green Deal, but for your reputation.  Being green sends an important message: doing the right thing and providing quality and sustainable products.  This will be highly valued by potential customers who are increasingly becoming more environmentally aware and demanding of more eco-friendly products.

PB Energy Solutions provides a range of value for money, inexpensive and efficient packages of measures to ensure you achieve whatever ‘shade of green’ suits your business. 

Ring now for a free consultation on what your business needs to do to 'go green' and get ahead!

Best wishes

Phyllis Boardman

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB Energy Solutions Ltd

Tel:  01942 829568

The weekly roundup in your GREENup GREENdeal newsletter is listed below.   Please enjoy this newsletter, it provides sound, constructive and professional advice on how you should be shaping the future of your business:

Energy efficiency reduces energy costs

Are you underestimating the financial benefit of saving energy? More and more businesses are cutting costs by using energy more efficiently but many businesses are underestimating the returns from energy efficiency investments. Savings could be helping them become more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

Return on Investment 11-12%

If Businesses invest in renewable energy, they could make average returns of 11 to 12%, with the potential for returns in excess of 20%. There are new financial incentives to encourage Businesses to generate their own renewable energy. Energy prices are set to grow by up to 37% by 2020. This will prove a financial success of investing in renewable energy. Ring for free advice:

Green is trendy. Green saves money. Green increases sales.

A Green Business is one that is sustainable and eco-friendly and operates in a way that eliminates waste and reduces carbon emissions and pollution. Green means reduced energy costs, improved image and increased profitability.

Save money: Save Energy: Save Carbon

Save valuable pounds on your energy consumption. Dramatically reduce your power usage and lower bills. Make your business leaner and greener. Reduce energy costs by 20%. Improve cash flow and profits: Contact PB Energy Solutions for a free audit of your energy consumption by expert professionals:

Upfront Finance for Businesses - Green Deal’s Cost Savings

Green Deal is the scheme whereby householders, private landlords and businesses will be given finance upfront to make cost savings by energy efficiency improvements, which will then be paid for by energy bill savings. It also introduces a range of other provisions to encourage low carbon generation. The latest news on Green Deal: 

Cut costs, improve cash flow and reduce environmental impact

Cut costs, improve cash flow and reduce your environmental impact. Secure new business by showing your green image and credentials. Demonstrate your business's responsibilities to customers, investors and stakeholders. We can identify savings in energy, waste, water and procurement. We can significantly reduce your waste & energy consumption leading to clear financial savings & increased customer satisfaction.

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