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Green Business Plan to Cut Operating Costs

Posted on: 2011-08-05 17:36:04

Research shows that an easy and cost effective package of green measures can help businesses cut their environmental impact, including operating costs, whilst enhancing their green credentials.

Unfortunately, businesses implementing such measures are few with a large number failing to take advantage of opportunities that could save money and reduce the reputational and regulatory risks they face.

PB Energy Solutions offers to explore the barriers that your Business will face when trying to adopt green best practices. We show how simple measures can have a huge impact on a Business’s environmental performance. Through use of best practice examples, we highlight practical steps you should take and we develop an effective Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy with resulting environmental policies.

Adopting a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy will provide you with  a check list and action plan to follow detailing how to develop effective green policies in addressing carbon emissions, water, waste, travel, biodiversity, renewable energy, supply chains and procurement, including marketing and communications.

The Strategy will outline some of the principles underpinning effective environmental policies, provide easy guidance on how to implement best practices, including how to overcome barriers and maximising business benefits whilst demonstrating a clear and embedded green image.

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