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The Green Deal Authorisation Scheme

Posted on: 2011-08-16 18:48:34

The Green Deal Authorisation Scheme

The British Standards Institute is developing a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) for the retrofitting of energy efficiency measures in domestic and non-domestic buildings. It is envisaged that the PAS will be based around existing standards where they exist, and thus drive standards where they are lacking.

What is a Green Deal Measure?

A Green Deal Measure is an “improvement” made to a property which has been financed through the Green Deal. This can include part-financing, where a customer has chosen to pay for some of the work themselves. However, there will be no standard Green Deal Measure or list of measures that are appropriate for every property. What is appropriate for a property depends on a number of factors including the work already done, the characteristics of the building and in some cases, the geographical location.

Quality Standards

The Government is ensuring that robust standards are associated with all Green Deal measures. These measures, even if they are already proven and tested to save energy, must be fitted to an exact standard to enable savings under the Golden Rule.  

Measures paid for under the Golden Rule can only be installed by someone who is authorised under the Green Deal authorisation scheme, and authorised installers will need to comply with a Code of Practice when they carry out work under the Green Deal.  

Green Deal Oversight Body

The scheme will require installers to demonstrate compliance with the PAS. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has been appointed by the government to accredit Certification bodies to ensure they meet the requirements of the PAS. These bodies will notify the ‘Green Deal Oversight Body’ that their members meet the PAS and also check installers against the PAS.

The PAS will therefore provide the criteria against which Certification bodies will check installation companies to demonstrate that they are able to consistently carry out the installation of relevant measures according to best practice, and have the systems in place to provide consumers with a high level of customer service.

Green Deal Registration

This certification will be required in order for companies to be registered as Green Deal installers and to use the Green Deal quality mark. The final PAS will provide a consistent method of assessing Green Deal installers across the range of measures that qualify under the Green Deal.

PB Energy Solutions is tracking the progress on the PAS criteria, registration and Green Deal Quality Mark.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact Phyllis on:

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