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Green Deal Nationwide News

Posted on: 2012-04-10 12:48:39

Dear All


Green Deal is unfolding very quickly now.  With the first wave of Green Deal Providers announced, secondary legislation due before summer recess, and the standards for Installers into a second month, the industry is getting serious and gearing up ready for the massive home improvement programme.  Trainers are ready to be trained so that Green Deal Advisors can apply for courses in May/June.


For PB Energy Solutions Ltd, all our hard work is coming to fruition.  Our partnering with Yorkshire Energy Services, a Green Deal Pioneer Provider, is tremendous news for all those who have joined our Green Deal Consortia.  This means access to a Green Deal Provider which operates UK-wide.  This is the first model to be announced in the UK to support sole traders, SMEs and larger companies to collaborate for funding.  Combining our ethos on helping the smaller players get a share of the Green Deal market, our collective aims will contribute to the success of Green Deal, kick-start the economy and create local jobs for local people.


I will be speaking at the Dubai Global Convention this month to represent the UK’s Green Deal as a key element of Corporate Social Responsibility.  My paper on this subject will be available early May, but if you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


My top ‘Green Deal Tips’ this week are:


Tip One: Base your business options on facts, not rumours.  Rumours cause mistrust, indecision and confusion.  By keeping to the facts, you will put your business ahead of the game.  Always check out the DECC website, or keep an eye on Great Green Deal.  I do not get involved with anything other than facts, I use up to date information from the most reliable sources using reputable contacts.


Tip Two: If you are an Installer wishing to get the Green Deal accreditation, move now to work to the PAS 2030 Standard. Don’t wait until the Certification bodies are announced, you need to embed the PAS 2030 into all your activities and operations in order to get certified.  An article below shows three ways of this doing this, but by far the best alternative is to subscribe to the Green Deal Manager.  This fast-tracks PAS 2030 for you and will have all your systems set up and ready for certification in no time at all.


Good luck and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Best wishes


Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) CIHCM

PB Energy Solutions Ltd.


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Embedding PAS 2030 into your business

Certification bodies are not yet announced, but they will be soon. Have you started to embed the PAS 2030 into your business? You will need to demonstrate working examples of compliance, so don’t leave it too long, or you may miss out on historic opportunities in the massive home improvement programme starting from 1 October 2012. There are only 3 ways to PAS 2030 certification.


Green Deal draws a positive picture

The picture of England in this article shows the increasing interest in Green Deal, in particular, the North West who is way ahead with their preparations. To join and register your interest for free, with exclusive access to one of the first Green Deal Providers, please read on:


SME Consortia Model pioneers in the UK

Yorkshire Energy Services (YES) is one of the 22 Green Deal Providers announced by DECC this week. The Green Deal Consortia will be jointly operated to encourage as many Green Deal Participants to register so that they can access UK-wide Green Deal and ECO funding via YES. This is the first consortia approach to be taken by a Green Deal Provider and a significant breakthrough for sole traders and SMEs. Please raise its profile, it is free to register:


'Yorkshire Energy Services' partners with PB Energy Solutions Ltd

DECC announced yesterday that Yorkshire Energy Services (YES) is a Pioneer Green Deal Provider and will play a crucial role in Green Deal. YES will be providing the finance for homeowners and small businesses to improve their energy efficiency with no up-front costs. Ensuring SMEs gain access to Green Deal work, YES is partnering with PB Energy Solutions Ltd to deliver a consortia approach .


Green Deal Providers announced!

The long awaited news - 22 Green Deal Providers announced. Read on to see the full list.


£3.5m to train Green Deal Advisors and Installers

£3.5million in funding is to be made available for training on key green skills ahead of the launch of the Green Deal, in addition to the 1,000 Green Deal apprenticeships announced earlier.


Energy Saving Advice Service opens today

DECC has announced a new Energy Saving Advice Service which consumers can access by telephone or at


DLO? Approved Contractor List? Are they ‘Green Deal Ready’?

Social Housing: Are your contractors and sub-contractors gearing up for Green Deal and ECO work? Is your Direct Labour Organisation ready for Green Deal launch 1st October 2012? Phyllis Boardman explains the position: