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Green Deal Installer Registration & Carding of Operatives

Posted on: 2012-02-11 19:45:09

A short article by Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH:  

The proposed Register of Installers and Coding of Operatives.

What is the Green Deal Mark?

The Green Deal Mark is a quality mark so workmanship can be trusted by customers and which identifies installers of Green Deal measures as competent professionals.  Not only is the Green Deal Mark in relation to Green Deal Finance, it also covers the energy efficiency measures as set out in the PAS 2030.

Why Green Deal Installer Registration?

The registration of Installers falls within the framework for Green Deal Installer Accreditation & Qualification.   There will be 2 entry types - entities being the primary entry and operatives being a second mandatory entry - with "carding" of their competence,

Carding is important in addition to qualifications for the Green Deal - cards can be removed in the event of poor quality performance where qualifications cannot be removed.

Why Carding?

Carding provides photographic identification with the name of the operative; name of the entity they work for or work on behalf of; the name of the card issuer & contact details.

The Card demonstrates competence which is measure specific and can be understood by the customer.  An operative carrying a Card means they are competent to carry out measure specific work(s).  Non Card carriers must be under the adequate supervision of responsible person(s).

As Cards are validated, they show whether a competence is current; what the competence means; and has accessibility to the body responsible.

The benefits of Carding to customers is the quality of performance thereby leading to fewer complaints or issues; and traceability.

To Installers, the benefits include transparency and compliance with corporate responsibility; and the availability of quality trades people for recruitment.

Benefits for Green Deal Providers, Product Suppliers and Manufacturers are the quality of installations leading to fewer warranty calls; and reduced warranty costs by way of reduced risk.

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