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Become a Green Deal Advisor (Assessor)

Posted on: 2012-07-31 13:06:27

Introducing UTN, a well respected and quality training facility, with SMEs and the very small players in mind to help them get a market share in Green Deal.

For existing Domestic Energy Assessors, courses are now available at UTN to give the skills and relevant certification to be able to prepare a Green Deal Advice Report for domestic properties in an effective and professional manner.

Course Outline

To provide information to customers on the principles, financing and operation of the Green Deal

Green Deal Components

Instruction on how to provide high quality, independent and impartial advice to customers

To provide customers with the relevant information on Green Deal so as to meet their needs

Undertaking occupancy assessments and giving advice

How to conducting an occupancy assessment

Introduce methods of reducing energy consumption and achieving affordable warmth

Advising customers on methods of reducing energy consumption to achieve affordable warmth

The maintaining of written records of inspection findings

The Preparing and issuing of domestic GDA Reports

The Process of inputting information & data for the domestic GDA Reports

Assessing energy efficiency measures for the domestic GDA Reports

The preparation, lodging and issuing domestic GDA Reports

How to explain the GDA Report to the domestic customer

Explaining the components of the GDA Report to domestic customers, stating their implications and how to do this in a professional and impartial manner

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