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Green Deal Consortia

Posted on: 2012-02-07 10:57:32

No matter which role you intend to take up in Green Deal, use the free membership to link up with other Green Deal Participants – trainers, recruiters, installers, assessors, advisors, surveyors, engineers and others.  The Green Deal will be a massive eco-retrofit scheme designed to improve the energy efficiency of existing properties.

Why will the Green Deal present commercial opportunities?

The consumer will be offered low interest loans to secure the capital, with no upfront costs, to improve the fabric of their building and have a range of measures installed in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Will there be work for me as a Green Deal participant?

The incentives with Green Deal will drive demand for Green Deal Installers, Green Deal Advisors and Green Deal Providers. The government is encouraging all sole traders and SMEs to secure a corner of the market by creating partnerships for the collaborative working with other Green Deal Installers and Green Deal Advisors in consortia arrangements.

How can I participate in consortia?

You can register your details free of charge in a holding page.  This is the precursor to a multifunctional web site with geographical maps for Green Deal Participants to access products and services to combine their strengths and bid for ‘whole house’ work. The new web site will be launched soon, to coincide with the launch of the PAS 2030 and its easy on-lone tool, the Green Deal Manager (

Please click below for a listing on the Consortia:

The Green Deal Consortia is a free membership to allow a range of partnerships to develop on a localised basis by mapping out participants by UK Region. Once populated, this will then be tailored to sub-regions, therefore ensuring that local labour is utilised to the best advantage.

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

Green Deal Consortia