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Register Free on the new Green Deal Consortia

Posted on: 2012-01-27 16:23:46

Green Deal Consortia

The Government is keen to ensure that the small players will gain a share in the Green Deal market. According to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), small building, and contractor firms carry out almost half of all repair, maintenance and improvement work in the UK. Two thirds of the construction workforce are employed by SMEs and they therefore have an important role to play in the delivery of the Green Deal.

Small traders are historically in direct contact with local householders and are familiar with all the property types and characteristics within a locality. There are therefore many opportunities for them to advise householders on energy efficiency works that might be appropriate to Green Deal.

The Government is encouraging all sole traders and SMEs to create partnerships with larger organisations or local authorities, and to participate in the creation of consortia of organisations.

The Green Deal Consortia is a free membership which will allow a range of partnerships to develop on a localised basis.


Local authorities are well placed to meet Green Deal local requirements. They will therefore need to draw on established local networks, partnerships, services, and delivery partners to ensure success in their provision of Green Deal. This example is representative of many other large organisations too.


This is a holding page for a multifunctional web site which, when populated, will provide a location map for Green Deal Participants including advertising space with access to products and services. The new web site will be launched when there is sufficient data to enable it to operate effectively. For more information, please call PB Energy Solutions Ltd on 01942 829568 or visit

Green Deal Consortia