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The Green Deal for Business

Posted on: 2011-11-03 12:16:02

Cut business costs!

Energy policy in the UK is a huge priority at present and at its core is the launch of the Green Deal next Autumn. 

This is the scheme which will provide all SMEs the opportunity to install a range of energy efficiency measures without the need for upfront costs.

The Green Deal will encourage thousands of businesses to equip themselves with the means to cut their energy bills by 10 to 20 per cent whilst reducing carbon emissions to meet government targets.

However, there are still signs that the Green Deal is not being prioritised by businesses and they must start to recognise the contribution that energy efficiency can make to their future success. Cost savings in the current economic climate can lead to survival and energy efficiency measures are certain opportunity to make savings.

Not only does the Green Deal offer real cost savings for businesses, there are opportunities for them in supply chains and in the installation of a wide range of measures for all homeowners and SMEs in the UK.  They can take advantage of the massive shift to low carbon products – but they must take action now otherwise they will not succeed in the new emerging markets.

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