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Funding now available through the EU Eco-innovation initiative

Posted on: 2011-07-04 15:04:07
Eco-innovation is an EU funding programme which helps bring environmentally friendly technologies, products and processes to market. The main focus of the programme is to reduce environmental impact and promote resource efficiency through supporting post-research, market activities within the four main areas: materials recycling, food and drink sector, sustainable construction materials and green business solutions. The programme offers funding (50% of all eligible costs) towards product/process commercialisation on European markets.
There is no minimum or maximum amount of funding that can be applied for however projects must show value for money and applicants should only apply for the minimum amount of funding needed to allow the project to proceed. The call is open to all legal organisations, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are particularly encouraged to apply.
Eligible projects need to have clear environmental and economic benefits. Innovations which take into account product life cycle will be preferred. Annual calls for proposals opened in April 2011 and close in September 2011. For information, advice and project development support please contact Ewa Bloch, Eco-innovation National Contact Point email:

PB Energy Solutions can apply on your behalf  - please ring:  07912789186

Or contact Evirolink on: