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Free Green Deal registration and authorisation

Posted on: 2012-06-15 20:22:31

Businesses thinking about offering Green Deal services will be able to register free of charge. DECC said there "will be no fees for assessors, installers and providers who wish to get the official Green Deal stamp of approval during the first two years of the scheme". This decision has been made as a result of the Green Deal consultation which ended in January 2012.

Note: It is the Green Deal registration and authorisation fees being postponed - not accreditation fees.

The Government will fund the costs of registration and oversight service for an initial 2 years in order to boost offerings of Green Deal services ready for launch in October 2012.

Greg Barker announced that it would "remove burdensome admin costs at a time when many can least afford them", and that it will "help encourage organisations to get on-board and offering more freedom of choice for consumers".

The Green Deal Oversight Body and Ombudsman service were also launched which has placed more pieces in the ‘Green Deal jigsaw’.

Industry confidence is rising following the latest moves by DECC which will prompt more activity in the market ready for the launch by inspiring businesses to develop services around the Green Deal.

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) is now a leader in her field delivering Green Deal advice across the SMe and sole trader sector to large PLCs: