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Green Deal and European Protected Species (EPS)

Posted on: 2012-03-19 12:19:49

Green Deal and European Protected Species (EPS)


One of our expert Consultants has been working through the regulations relating to European Protected Species to see how it impacts on Green Deal work.

 PAS 2030 specification provides the requirements for all installation of energy efficient measures within existing UK buildings.   Within the requirements, installers are expected to carry out a survey prior to the work being undertaken and as part of this survey relevant checks must be made concerning European Protected Species (EPS).  Due to the nature of the work relating to Green Deal the most common EPS found in buildings will potentially be Bats and Birds. 

In the UK all EPS are protected by the following:

Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) as amended

Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000)

Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations (2010)

It is therefore an offence and illegal to deliberately or recklessly kill, injure, capture or disturb an EPS.

If during a Green Deal pre-site survey, an EPS is discovered, this does not necessarily mean that the work cannot begin.  However an EPS licence may be required and the installer must consult the local Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation prior to the work commencing in order gain advice on how to proceed with the proposed work.

PB Energy Solutions Ltd has many contacts with conservation organisations such as the Bat Conservation Group and the Swift Conservation group who offer a service to attend site and give advice.   

EPS advice is included in our consultancy work designed to encourage good practice and to sustain the natural habitat as much as possible. 



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