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Posted on: 2012-01-17 13:18:12

Green Deal will trigger changes to the traditional Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), which provide prospective buyers and tenants the energy efficiency ratings of a property. However, they have never reached their full potential due to a general lack of awareness by both customers and agents.

With a more defined approach needed to address energy efficiency, Green Deal is the perfect opportunity to reduce energy wastage and help meet carbon reduction targets.

The enhanced EPC, from April 2012, will include the occupant energy usage within a property, and not just the property itself.  Currently EPCs for both domestic and non-domestic property are on the central register, which are “address specific” and provide a level of detail about individual properties that has never been available before.

The Green Deal Providers, who will fund and arrange the installation of energy efficiency measures, are likely to be major retailers, local authorities, energy companies and others. From April 2012, they will be able to access the EPC data to use the customer knowledge for marketing the Green Deal, and to identify potential customers.

It is the provisions within the Energy Act 2011 that will allow views of the EPC on any property and on a bulk basis.  Access will enable the targeting of the right installations at the right properties. 

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