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Control, reduce and eliminate 'invisible' energy waste

Posted on: 2011-07-31 12:25:04

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You can control, reduce and eliminate ‘invisible’ energy waste


You could be wasting up to 40% of all the energy you consume.  You can request a FREE Energy Survey. Following the survey you will be provided a free report detailing exactly how to cut your costs & reduce your carbon footprint.

 Free Energy Survey

Real-time Monitoring

By seeing your energy consumption in real-time, puts you in total control of your energy usage.

Real-time shows you exactly where you energy is going, second by second.  Make a change and it will show the immediate effect, for better or worse.  You can monitor individual pieces of equipment, isolate energy leaks, expose energy abusers and even check the effectiveness of energy saving products that you may wish to evaluate, all in real-time.

Eniscope - Real-time Energy Management System


Right now, up to 40% of your energy is going to waste. The trouble is identifying which 40%.

Energy is invisible in use. Normally, you can’t see, evaluate or compare the energy consumed by the equipment you use. There’s one monthly – or even quarterly – bill for everything, so any changes you make are based upon guesswork.

Eniscope is a unique energy analyser, which plugs into your system and relays meaningful energy use data and graphical analysis locally and over the web.

You can see the real-time energy consumption of buildings, departments, circuits and even machines.

Eniscope combines world-class metering technology with an advanced energy network controller; putting live readings and real-time graphical logs within reach, 24 hours a day, from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

The hardware element of the total Eniscope solution is a bespoke, highly accurate Class One meter that is compact, robust and reliable.  The out of the box approach to Energy Management means that every meter installed comes pre-loaded with a real-time display.  Using a web browser, you can install navigate to any number of meters in your building.

Log in to Eniscope’s Energy Displays to see all the information you need in a language you understand – whether that’s kW consumption, peak demand, carbon output or money spent.

Key Benefits: 

Internal web-server delivers instant
and safe access over the internet

No software required, just use a web-browserPlug-and-play solution with opportunity for remote upgrades

Measures over 100 energy parameters at Class 1 accuracy

Supports multiple meter applications
(i.e. buildings, department, machines)

Instantly, you can spot trends, anomalies and wastage, make informed decisions… and see immediate results from improvements you’ve made. You’re in control.

The result?  A smaller carbon footprint, better public perception and lower energy costs. 

Benefits you could experience with an Eniscope System include:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs & Downtime

Increase Your Productivity

Improve Your 'Green' Image

Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 40%

Eliminate Out of Hours Waste

Expose Energy Abusing Equipment

Real-time Energy Displays Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies

Historical Analysis Tools Help to Target Continual Reductions

Email & SMS Alerts Accelerate Response to Excess Consumption

Promote the Value
of your Renewable Energy Investment

A combination of Advanced Smart Metering & Real-Time Energy Displays show you exactly what is happening to your energy

Below are Case Studies and Testimonials as examples of successful applications of Energy Saving Technology:


Numatic International


“The positive outcome of our energy analysis and test procedure highlights the latent savings to be had in any manufacturing organisation. As a company we are accredited to ISO:14001, for our Environmental Management Systems. This (IMEC installation) underlines our commitment to achieving energy efficiency, both to fulfil our environmental obligations and to help offset the consistent rise in the cost of energy.” 

 Andy Smith, Manufacturing Manager


John Kittow Community College


“I am a bursar at a large school in the UK and we have had an Eniscope installed since Christmas and it has already shown major areas where we can save electricity. We have had an energy walk-around and we are delighted with the service we have received and look forward to see the full audit report. I am also delighted to be able to see what is being wasted and it helps me to do my job in the best way possible.”

Paul Ellis, Bursar


Holiday Inn


“...The units have been installed on all the reach in and walk in refrigeration. Since installation, the amount of cycling on and off the units has fallen by 30%, which will no doubt improve the longevity of the condenser units. Energy savings have been measured at around 18-20%, depending on the individual units, and this has resulted in savings of over a thousand pounds a year in total. I would not hesitate to recommend installation of these units to refrigerators and freezers in order to save electricity and wear on the equipment.”

 Andy Bunce, Group Engineer, Holiday Inn


CIL Precision Ltd (Ireland)


“Over the first 4 months of the energy Maps Programme, CIL has reduced its overall energy cost through using the programme by 22% (in conjunction with installing a new compressor).  We have reduced kW usage by 30%, all of which has been achieved through efficiencies.  CIL would highly recommend Energy Measurement System and their Energy Map..”

Cristiona Innseaduin, Business Unit Manager




“Installing Eniscope allowed us to monitor the load on each phase and identify the most appropriate phase to which to connect equipment.  Rebalancing phases in this way made an immediate difference to our efficiency.”

Tony Malone, County Confectionary