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Leading ECO Expert joins Consortia Director Board

Posted on: 2013-05-03 20:28:13

Norman Walsh, of long term CERT and CESP experience, is now a Director of the Green Deal Consortia Ltd.  Norman is the UK's leading expert in securing ECO funding, his knowledge and skills are nnmatched in the industry.  We are delighted to have Norman on board with us and he is already securing multi million pound schemes for our network of SMEs.
What Norman Walsh achieved pre Green Deal:

With CERT, Norman delivered in excess of £2million. Using SME installers across the UK, he arranged the 5% inspection of all jobs and reported back to utility. With CESP, Norman found and arranged schemes for CESP. Delivered the first large private scheme and 13% of a utility target. This included high rise blocks and individual houses. There was a mixture of private and social housing. I arranged public meetings and brought a number of SHP together to work on one scheme. He worked closely with local councils and managed the development of the scheme.  Measures included, EWI, Cavity Wall, Loft insulation, boiler swaps, fuel switching, flat roof insulation and the installation of triple glazed windows. These schemes included 8 biomass district heating schemes.

Norman once worked with a company who had delivered a small percentage and managed to place schemes with them for 500,000 tonnes. This scheme included biomass, EWI, Loft, Cavity and triple glazed windows. He has worked with SME main contractors and footsie 100 companies.

What Norman Walsh is doing for the Consortia:

Norman is currently securing £150m ECO contracts, with another £20m for Scotland, just for our Green Deal Consortia networks!  His performance on securing funding and contracts in the energy world are very impressive.

We welcome Norman to our Consortia!

Phyllis Prior-Boardman BSc (Hons) CIHCM

Executive Director

Green Deal Consortia Ltd

Wigan Investment Centre


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