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Green Deal Consortia Ltd and Easy Green Deal

Posted on: 2013-06-24 16:37:07


Rt Honourable Greg Barker MP and Sir William Haughey OBE are to celebrate the start of the Green Deal Consortia in Glasgow this week.  At this event, we will be announcing another major partnership to enhance our success at being the UK’s number one leader for SME engagement.  Building on quality, we have selected Easy Green Deal who is exceptionally experienced in Green Deal and we are delighted to have them on board.

To focus on a fully accredited supply chain, our partner in this area is Easy Green Deal for both installers and advisory organisations.  They will be handling the compliance elements of the Consortia for Green Deal.  The circle commences with Easy Green Deal enabling installers and advice organisations to be Green Deal compliant ready and connected to work and funding through the Consortia.  Consortia’s focus is funding, sourcing work and connecting installers and advisors to these areas.  This is facilitated through the main hub (central) and then downwards through local hubs who have a local understanding to deal with the front line.  Consortia are therefore able to find installers accredited through Easy Green Deal the work and funding – this is where the circle completes.  For contracts with manufacturers etc., we have a combined approach where we deal with funding and Easy Green Deal deals with compliance and accreditation.  Easy Green Deal provide the marketing, literature, sales training and support to allow greater coverage to encourage participants into the supply chain.

For more information on our jointly branded package of accreditation tools, please contact:

Stuart Jackson

Membership Director

Green Deal Consortia Ltd

Wigan Investment Centre


Tel: 08435 065285