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A Summary of the Green Deal Provisions in the Act itself

Posted on: 2011-11-12 17:20:25

Energy Act 2011 (c16)

A Summary of the Green Deal Provisions

Paper by Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH, Managing Director PB Energy Solutions Ltd.  For a free copy of the summary(s1-16), please click GET IN TOUCH FORM

The format: 

The Energy Act 2011 (c16) (the Act) is wide ranging and is divided into 5 distinct Parts:

Part 1: Energy Efficiency

Part 2: Security of Energy Supplies

Part 3: Measures for Reducing Carbon Emissions

Part 4: Coal Authority

Part 5: Miscellaneous and General

The summary covers:


1.      Green Deal plans

2.      Green Deal plans: supplementary

3.      Framework regulations

Green Deal plan

4.      Assessment of property

5.      Terms of plan

6.      Consents and redress

7.      Installation of improvements

8.      Confirmation of plan

9.      Confirmation of plan: supplementary provision for England and Wales

10.   Confirmation of plan: supplementary provision for Scotland

11.   Updating information produced under section 8

Disclosure of Green Deal plan

12.   Disclosure of Green Deal plan in connection with sale or letting out

13.   Disclosure of Green Deal plan in connection with other transactions

14.   Acknowledgment of Green Deal plan on sale or letting out

15.   Acknowledgment of Green Deal plan in connection with other transactions

16.   Sanctions for non-compliance with obligations under sections 12 to 15

For a summarised version of sections 17-41 listed below, or other Chapters of the Act mentioned above, there will be a nominal fee of £20.   GET IN TOUCH FORM 

Sections 17-41 cover: 

Modifying energy licences

17.             Power to modify energy licences in connection with green deal payments

18.             Power to modify energy supply licences to make provision as to default in green deal payments

19.             Power to modify energy supply licences to require provision of information

20.             Power to modify energy supply licences to make provision as to consumer protection

21.             Powers under sections 17 to 20: consultation

22.             Powers under sections 17 to 20: supplementary

Gas and electricity codes

23.             Recovering green deal payments: gas suppliers

24.             Recovering green deal payments: electricity suppliers

Modifying consumer credit legislation

25.             Exemption from Consumer Credit Act 1974 in relation to credit to business debtors

26.             Energy suppliers not to be treated as carrying on ancillary credit business

27.            Duties to give debtors information and statements

28.             Exemption from requirement to give notice of sums in arrears

29.             Early repayment of green deal finance

30.             Power to amend Consumer Credit Act 1974

Delegation and exercise of functions

31.             Delegation and conferring of functions

32.             Exercise of scheme functions on behalf of the Secretary of State or a public body

33.            Duty to report


34.             Power of Secretary of State to deal with special circumstances

35.             Appeals

36.             Funding for energy efficiency advice

37.             Preparatory expenditure: framework regulations

38.             Green deal installation apprenticeships

39.             Parliamentary procedure in relation to code of practice

40.             Regulations and order

41.             Crown application: Chapter 1