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Lower energy useage

Posted on: 2011-09-16 19:17:31

Are you underestimating the financial benefit of saving energy?  More and more businesses are cutting costs by using energy more efficiently but many businesses are underestimating the returns from energy efficiency investments. Savings could be helping them become more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

The Carbon Trust has found that companies can expect to see an IRR of 48% on average and payback within three years. In the retail sector the average IRR from energy efficiency projects leaps to 82%. Are there any other investments that get such rates of return?

An undervaluation of the returns from energy efficiency is the reason why businesses are still wasting £1.6bn every year on energy bills that could be avoided.  

Why energy efficiency is still regarded as a low priority in many organisations?

Despite the potential for savings, businesses do not appreciate the link between investment and the potential for behavioural change.  Employee education is crucial. Look at what B&Q are doing to reduce each store's footprint.  The company has saved 12% in its CO2 emissions from electricity and 7% in emissions from gas.

Not only is it possible to ‘go green’, you can ‘grow green’.  Consider voltage optimisation or energy monitoring technology call calling PB Energy Solutions.

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