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Quality Accredited Solar Energy Systems Save Money

Posted on: 2011-08-24 19:17:22


 Which? magazine's investigation into solar energy systems highlighted that some PV Installer companies were using 'dodgy sales tactics and giving poor advice' to consumers. This could prove to be potentially very damaging to the industry and we at PB Energy Solutions take it extremely seriously.

PV Installers give 'dodgy sales tactics and poor advice’ are highlighted by Which?

PB Energy Solutions ensure consumers receive the best possible advice on purchasing and installing PV panels.  This includes both domestic and non-domestic property.

We do this by checking the various credentials of our installers and ensuring they have an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme.

All our certificated products and installers have been rigorously tested against a robust set of criteria to provide greater protection for consumers.

To maintain consumer trust and the integrity of the standard, it is essential that any claims or allegations of non-compliance are reported.  If you have been the victim of sales misrepresentation or been hoodwinked by the quality of PV installation or product, we can ensure it is investigated immediately by the relevant Certification Bodies on your behalf.

The Which?'s report found that some installers did not take into account that parts of a roof were partly shaded at certain times of the day, which adversely affects the solar photovoltaic panels’ electricity generating potential.

For example, our properly qualified and accredited installers address shading issue and make consumers aware of issues, solutions and impacts on generating capacity.

Another Which? example is where installers were found to underestimate the time it would take for a system to pay for itself.  We ensure our industry experts have already earned consumer trust by doing everything possible to provide the most accurate picture of costs and benefits of renewable technology.

Our panel of industry experts are accredited and certified to fit solar photovoltaic panels to a high standard of workmanship and to give the best possible generating potential.

Ring for advice on how we can ensure you benefit from cost savings, improve your carbon rating and make your property an attractive investment.

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