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Save money: Save Energy: Save Carbon

Posted on: 2011-09-12 14:08:23

Improve Cash Flow and Profits by Reducing Energy

Save money:  Save Energy:  Save CO2.  You could be saving valuable pounds on your energy consumption. Dramatically reduce your power usage and lower your bills.  Make your business leaner and greener.  Reduce your energy costs  by 20%. Improve cash flow and profits:  Contact PB Energy Solutions for a free audit by expert professionals:

Reducing energy consumption: How it works

The electricity voltage supplied to homes and businesses across the UK needs to vary to ensure that the distribution network works effectively and to offer an optimum supply.

In the UK the typical average voltage is 240/245V. The majority of electrical appliances operate more efficiently at a lower voltage. Our equipment controls the voltage supplied to appliances to a fixed lower level, usually 215V. This has no detrimental effect on the performance of any appliances or applications and can actually extend their life.

In a similar way, the Gas, LPG and Oil supply to a boiler can be regulated to dramatically reduce the consumption on heating and hot water. This simple and unobtrusive solution will step down the usage without affecting the efficiency of the boiler.

In this way, your consumption reduces and therefore so do your bills.   This helps your business to be leaner and greener

This means that every power utility bill can be reduced dramatically.

Put us to the test before deciding

Our expert and professional Energy Consultants commit to the following process to prove what we claim.   Free Of Charge:     

They assess your total Energy Consumption per annum and ask you for sight of your bills.

They survey your premises, list your equipment and log its usage.

They provide you with a full Report and Proposal with our recommendations.

They install Equipment to prove we can match or beat the Proposal                

Reducing energy consumption: Payment Plans 

Outright purchase. Following successful testing at your site - you can decide to purchase the equipment with a one-off payment (in some cases this can be spread over up to 6 monthly payments). Purchased equipment includes fitting and maintenance for 12 months. All equipment is acceptable to the HMRC and can be written down in your accounts over one year.

Merit Scheme: The equipment can be rented for a period of  5 years. The rental cost is 50% of the proven savings you are making. Deposit required is a minimum of 20% of the total cost - largely recoverable through your VAT return. After the rental expires, the equipment becomes yours, with 100% of future savings retained by you.


All equipment is approved by HM Government via the Carbon Trust and the Inland Revenue.

No change of utility supplier is required

Fitting is easy and non-intrusive and will not interrupt your supply or interfere with your business

Energy savings are immediate and ongoing

Making your Business provably more Carbon Efficient

Improve your Cash Flow and Profits

You could be saving valuable pounds on your energy consumption right now:  Contact PB energy Solutions now for a free audit.

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