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Are Construction SMEs ready for the Green Deal?

Posted on: 2011-10-28 19:14:17

Construction SMEs are advised to immediately start obtaining the skills and knowledge base needed so that they are able to deliver on low carbon policy and legislation.  This is becoming increasingly important - without the right skills and knowledge, SMEs risk non-qualification under the Green Deal requirements and will not survive in the new emerging and challenging low carbon market.

From October 2012, we will see a massive number of opportunities for SMEs in the construction industry to tender and win low carbon work.  The opportunities are not just under the Green Deal, they are under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme and the smart meter roll-outs.  Such opportunities will range from fitting energy saving devices in domestic properties, to commercial eco-retrofits and new builds whilst meeting a set of stringent green standards.

The Green Deal is expected to generate up to 100,000 retrofitting and maintenance jobs by incentivising up to 26 million homeowners with loans to reduce their energy waste.

Will 'cowboy builders’ continue to cash in on low carbon opportunities with shoddy workmanship and poor quality installations? 

The answer is NO. 

The Green Deal is developing the qualifications and standards for installers and providers to ensure that only Green Deal accredited businesses are able to evidence the appropriate skills and qualifications to take advantage of the Green Deal work opportunities.  This is why it is important that construction SMEs start now to up-skill and re-skill and therefore give themselves a competitive advantage by being ready for the Green Deal launch in October 2012.  

For more information on how your business can obtain Green Deal accreditation, please