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Energy Bill: Committee Stage Report 6 September 11

Posted on: 2011-09-06 20:08:49

Energy Bill: Committee Stage Report 6 September 11


Published 06 September 2011 | Research paper RP11/64

Authors: Elena Ares, Christopher Barclay, Oliver Bennett

Topic: Climate change, Coal, Electricity, Energy, Energy conservation, Fuel poverty, Nuclear power

This is a report on the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Energy Bill. It complements Library Research Paper 11/36 (Energy Bill) prepared for the Commons Second Reading.

The Bill covers a wide range of topics including issues relating to energy efficiency, including the Green Deal, and energy generation. The most substantial amendments to the Bill relate to the introduction of regulations on the energy efficiency of the private rented sector. A clause on nuclear decommissioning was withdrawn and is to be reintroduced at a later stage by the Government. There were also new clauses relating to carbon capture and storage, and renewables in national parks.

Download the full report

Energy Bill [HL]: Committee Stage Report ( PDF, 22 pages, 207.4 KB)