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Selling the Green Deal and Cold Calling

Posted on: 2012-02-29 13:05:37

Responding to many queries on selling the Green Deal, the article below explains the position, based on the proposed Code of Practice: 

Green Deal participants (Installers, Providers, Advisors) who engage with the public either face-to-face, by phone or by electronic means (known as cold calling) will be prevented from misleading or misinforming customers.  Customers will need to be made aware of their rights under the terms of the Green Deal Scheme.

Those working directly for Green Deal participants will be required to evidence at the initial point of contact that they are employed by an authorised Green Deal participant.  They must show ID and company details with a description of the exact services they are authorised to deliver.

Green Deal Advisors, for example, must specifically ensure that their assessments and ensuing recommendations are kept totally unconnected from any other company sales.  The distinction between this is very important as Advisors will be struck off otherwise.

Green Deal participants will be obligated to reveal in advance to the customer any commission they may potentially receive as a result of a sale.

Green Deal participants are expected not to engage with companies who are known to implement high-pressure sales practices and they will be expected to take all reasonable steps to reassure themselves of the conduct of a company before entering into a contract with them.

Those directly employed by Green Deal participants must not give wrong or misleading information about their company or the product, services or facilities on offer.  

Sales people, in any guise, representing a Green Deal participant will not be able to use any high-pressure selling techniques which include:

• staying in the customer's premises for more than two hours except in exceptional circumstances;

• offering an inflated initial price followed by a discount, or equivalent

• withholding price information until the end of the visit

• offering time-limited discounts and offers

Green Deal participants will be prevented from following up sales by offering further discounted prices intended to press customers into signing a contract.  They will be required to keep records of the length of time they spend a customer's property.  Sales people, employees, representatives or any-one acting on behalf of a Green Deal participant must act with integrity and must respect the customer's right to privacy and end a contract if requested to do so.

Green Deal participants will have a duty to wards vulnerable customers.

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