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Cost Saving Solution for Big Winter Energy Bills

Posted on: 2011-09-07 11:41:38

Big Energy Bill Season – Total Energy Saving Solution  

As you read this, it's probably feeling cooler and thoughts of the heating costs of your buildings are not far off. Before you know it, the nights will draw in and your lighting requirements will double. It will pay you dividends to talk to PB Energy Solutions - we advise on the benefits of energy reducing measures and alternative heating.  We make recommendations way beyond the scope of what your business can do on its own.

The heating season is almost here and if we have another cold one, this will mean a serious set-back to businesses who are already struggling with increasing energy bills.

The installation of renewable heat technologies in businesses is expanding.  Do you need to replace an inefficient boiler? Remember the scrappage scheme is no longer running, but if microgeneration technologies aren't an option, you can upgrade to an alternative A rated system with the best energy efficiency controls.Don't forget to keep your air conditioning inspection up to date.  The cost of an inspection is quickly paid back through the increased energy efficiency of your system.

Other measures to be considered include loft and cavity wall insulation. In fact, these energy saving steps should happen in advance of any moves towards energy efficient technologies

Is your building leaking heat like a sieve? A recent report found there was a 30 per cent reduction in professional loft and cavity wall insulations in 2010, a worrying statistic when these relatively low-cost measures should be implemented by every business in Britain.

Too often different specialists go into a business and do their bit, without looking at the bigger picture; a total solution is much better for the customer and provides more money-making opportunities for your business.


Why not consider value for money support from PB Energy Solutions?  We can bring in a range of services offering a total energy saving (and fuel bill reducing) solution.  

PB Energy Solutions can highlight the opportunities for your business and the speed at which they need to be implemented, so why not do your bit to boost carbon reduction and boost your bottom line at the same time?

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