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Understanding PAS 2030 Certification for Green Deal Installers

Posted on: 2012-06-02 13:45:32

It is estimated that 500,000 homes a year up to 2040 will need to be eco-retrofitted which will present massive opportunities for installers.  Installers of those energy efficiency measures under the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation Scheme will need to be PAS 2030 certified in order to operate.  This article provides an overview of the assessment by a certification body against the PAS 2030.

So that certificated installers can be identified, the certification body will keep records of all the installers they assess, together with details of installers.  This will provide access to information for potential Green Deal customers and the Green Deal Oversight Body.  Details of certificated installers who have been suspended or withdrawn and date and reason for such action will also be made available.  These records will be kept for a minimum of 6 years, with information on suspensions or withdrawals for a minimum of 25 years.

The Green Deal Code of Practice is central to the assessment process.  It requires certification bodies to make information available to the Green Deal Oversight Body for audit and monitoring purposes. Certification bodies will have to inform the Oversight Body within 14 days of any withdrawal or suspension of installers and the reasons why.   The Oversight Body will monitor those withdrawn so that they do not reregister with an alternative certification body.

The certification body will assess an installer’s installation process, process management, service provision and claims of conformity for the measures applied for against the PAS 2030. This means that installer records and procedures will be assessed in relation to the number and geographical location of offices, number of installation operatives and the range of measure to be installed.

The certification body, by on-site visits in relation to the measures the installer has applied for, will confirm the installation service delivery and a minimum of 1% per annum (minimum of 1) of the recorded installation processes for each measure.  This is to confirm compliance with PAS 2030.  This will also apply to the Installation service delivery evaluation.

On-site assessment of certificated installations will be undertaken within every 16 month period.

The certification body will check the records of operatives and others kept by the installer to ensure they meet PAS 2030, including those employed by subcontractors, in terms of capabilities, training and qualifications.  They will also confirm with Green Deal Providers that the installer is meeting its customer service requirements together with those stipulated by the Green Deal Code of Practice.

Checks will be made that the installer operates a complaints procedure in line with PAS 2030 together with procedures for operatives to ensure correct responses to customers.

Any non-conformity will be identified and the installer will need to provide evidence of correction within 8 weeks citing implications of non-correction by 12 weeks from the date of the assessment. If non-conformity is not corrected within date, the certification body has the right to suspend/withdraw the certificate of the installer.

The PAS 2030 is a complex technical document which translates into hundreds of documents covering all the required checklists, procedures, surveys and policies.