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Celebrating Green Deal in Scotland

Posted on: 2013-06-25 20:19:09

Celebrating Green Deal in Scotland


We are excited about tomorrow’s celebration of Green Deal in Scotland.   We have 2 very influential people to celebrate with us, Rt. Honourable Greg Barker MP and Sir William Haughey OBE.  Their influence will drive forward the positive messages we have for small businesses to take up the Green Deal as a viable business opportunity. 



The national Consortia’s intention was to provide delivery bodies consisting of SMEs across the whole of the UK.  We have been in talks for some time with a Property Developer in Scotland (Andrew Strang) who has consistently supported the concept and has been keen to set up in Scotland.  Given the differences in some areas of legislation and regulation, we have licenced the whole of Scotland to Andrew’s new company Green Deal Consortia (Scotland) Ltd.  Kenny Henderson, Managing Director at City Technical Services UK Ltd, is a co-Director with Andrew on the Scottish Consortia.  Using initial resources at City Technical Services together with Kenny’s broad knowledge base of the energy industry and large scale delivery of energy efficiency improvements, together they have the commitment, means and passion to deliver for the whole of Scotland.

Instrumental in this partnership is the support of Sir William Haughey OBE who is chairman of City Refrigeration Holdings, well-respected the world over and known for his contributions to charity.   Not one to forget his roots, and with his passion for Scotland, particularly Glasgow, he has ensured that hundreds of charities in the City of Glasgow have benefitted from a huge slice of £5 million donated in recent years. Sir William has been decorated by the Queen, honoured by his native city and awarded an honorary doctorate by Glasgow Caledonian University.  Sir William devotes a lot of his spare time to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and is a founding member of the Entrepreneurial Exchange and a director of the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust, visiting schools across the UK with the enterprising message “If I can do it so can you”.

We are encouraging Scotland to play a major role in Green Deal because it has some of the best energy resources in Europe and has significant potential for the development of renewable energy sources, with abundant wave, tidal and wind power.

However, Scotland tops the UK table for the number of homes where people struggle to keep warm and has the second-highest percentage of homes suffering fuel poverty in the UK, 28%, behind only Northern Ireland with 44%.

Supporting a Green Deal Consortia in Scotland I feel is important as there are a number of complex reasons why so many householders suffer from fuel poverty.  These include poor housing in some areas, where problems with wall cavities can make it much harder to heat a home.  Access to gas in parts of Scotland, especially in rural areas, is also a difficulty, leaving households with little choice over their energy provider. According to official figures more than 500,000 homes across Scotland still require cavity wall insulation. The SNP Government has pledged to eradicate the problem by 2016, but this is an ambitious insulation target which could be difficult to meet.  A Green Deal Consortia in Scotland aims to tackle all these problems.

Phyllis Prior Boardman BSc (Hons) CIHCM

Executive Director

Green Deal Consortia Ltd

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