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Green Deal CAT for installers, ingenious and effortless!

Posted on: 2013-01-18 18:06:55


Don’t get flustered about the PAS 2030.  We have designed a comprehensive and integrated method for Green Deal Installers to get full PAS 2030 Green Deal Accreditation.  The ‘Consortia Accreditation Toolkit’ (CAT) supports and guides an installer through a number of uncomplicated and trouble-free steps.  Our approach is simple - Get Accredited, Stay Accredited*. 

We offer a range of support packages available for those who want the minimum of effort and disruption to business whilst suiting budget.  Follow no fuss and clear cut steps towards a trusted Green Deal Quality Mark and well-paid work! 

Getting accredited and staying accredited* means you can access Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) funded work year on year. Getting accredited and staying accredited* with the Consortia Accreditation Toolkit (CAT) is easy, manageable, cost effective and comprehensive. From cloud based documents, electronic versions or resourceful paper manuals (or any which way you wish!), we offer choice and flexibility to suit any way of working.  Speed up your PAS 2030 process with this straight forward seamless service.  We even include a pre-prepared route to your PAS 2030 audit by a UKAS accredited Certification Body.

All purchases of this nifty and very original CAT will see a % of profit going to both national & local charities, ensuring that Green Deal benefits installers, communities, creates jobs for local people and stimulates local economy.  Our partner Colleges and trading providers across the UK will ensure that our young people, existing trades and new entrants to green growth will have a route to education, skills and training.

This clever little CAT is the brain-child of one of the UK’s leading authorities on Green Deal, Phyllis Prior Boardman, Founder and Executive Director of Green Deal Consortia Ltd, a socially responsible, good practice model with an enterprise culture for small businesses.

For more information, drop Phyllis a line on:

* By joining us as a paid Member, your CAT is complemented and connected to a full IT solution which manages your installations from assessment through to installations and to prompt payment, for range of partner Green Deal Providers.  There are 3 membership levels to suit your needs: