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Cut costs, improve cash flow and reduce environmental impact

Posted on: 2011-09-10 15:40:56


How we do it

We provide the expertise, experience, knowledge and technology that will concentrate your efforts on educating, informing, influencing and persuading your employees to conserve energy.

Whether it is voltage optimisation; monitoring technology; or just an assessment of your utility bills, we provide a free no obligation audit.

We also provide a more in depth Energy Audit which will baseline your property to capture and document its energy characteristics.

We have the technology to control a building’s energy use in lighting, heating, HVAC, building controls and distribution. Lighting alone can account for 40% of a typical commercial enterprise’s electricity consumption. It is also important to consider that other energy reduction measures such as insulation can create problems if adequate ventilation is not considered at the same time.

Energy Auditing

There are advanced heating, ventilating and air conditioning controllers, boiler controls and even lift drive systems that can all contribute to maximising efficiency. Energy Audits by qualified experts are readily available from PB Energy Solutions.

Managing Energy

There is not a single person that can afford to ignore the potential for saving energy - particularly electrical energy. 

There is no option; if individuals, organisations and management do not act now, they will be forced to act with no control over timescales or requirements. We have the available expertise at PB Energy Solutions and there is easily affordable technology that is simple and payback is quick.

Embedding the Green Ethos

Few people fully appreciate how much energy they use, how and where they use it and how much they actually need. This is possibly more relevant to those in industry and commerce than for the general public.  In many cases there is a lack of understanding about how energy can be managed and how energy efficiency can be achieved.

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