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You need a Sustainability Strategy!

Posted on: 2011-09-07 12:34:15

Being green is the new era of customer experience and customers no longer separate a business’s actions from products and brand.  Being green is part of customer expectation and should therefore be a part of your business and brand.  Ignorance on going green and sustainability can easily destroy your reputation and your business’s value.

Embracing sustainability and going green will see cost, waste, emissions and inefficient resource as a positive impact on your bottom line.

In order to go green, your business needs to recognise the rising costs of energy and water as well as the wider impacts of your business on the environment, and then combine them into one coherent green policy with a reputation and image building framework. 

Equally, being green reinforces your sales and marketing, assisting you to strengthen the bonds you have within your industry.  As a business, you are accountable for what customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders say about you.  Society makes green and sustainability critical for a competitive advantage for your business.

With the growth of social networks, blogs, on-line reviews etc, customers have been empowered to make far more impacting demands than in the previous era of conducting business. Society is going to decide whether your business is green– and society will therefore decide if your business will remain in the marketplace. If your business’s green image is integrated, accountable and verified with demonstrable outcomes, society will position it accordingly.  Your business will be seen as environmentally aware and attractive.

From a procurement perspective, there is safety in dealing with a highly sustainable green supplier. It is important to avoid being associated with a company of negative, out of date, old school ideas. You, as an astute purchaser will choose the supplier that has strong sustainability credentials.

Do you want to be handing customers over to your green and sustainability environmentally aware competitors?

A green environment can be created for you using the skills and expertise of PB Energy Solutions.  This is especially true if your business has neither the time or skills to build the necessary data gathering and analysis in-house whilst instilling the skills, processes and working environments to create on-going cost and carbon reductions.  If you do have the capacity, it will still entail the re-design of core business strategy, which will only be tethered without a cross-functional embedding of going green to deliver insights, disseminate data and create the performance for an effective sustainable strategy.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, going green is becoming a major part of any brand.  It creates a positive mark for your brand amongst customers and suppliers. Additionally and very importantly, it creates a positive mark for your brand amongst staff, developing the right experience, teamwork and attitudes of being proud of making a positive contribution to the environment and saving costs.

PB Energy Solutions offers free initial advice to help you on your way to sustainability, a greener image and huge cost savings. 

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