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A Green Business Case for your company

Posted on: 2011-09-13 19:06:39
Costs and Benefits of Going Green

Green is trendy.  Green saves money.  Green increases sales.  A Green Business is one that is sustainable and eco-friendly and operates in a way that eliminates waste and reduces carbon emissions and pollution.  Green means reduced energy costs, improved image and increased profitablility.

Every business, no matter what type or in which industry, can go green.  However, being green, environmentally friendly or sustainable are not just labels that a business can use.  They are embedded practices that include every aspect of a business from manufacture, construction, production in supply chain and the end result of waste disposal.

Small and start-up businesses can adapt to the green growth economy and low carbon future by bringing products and services to the marketplace much speedier than large companies.  Indeed, Tesco, Carrefour, M&S and others, started their green processes some time ago in preparation for the green growth explosion.

For reputation, being green sends an important message: doing the right thing and providing quality and sustainable products.  This will be highly valued by potential customers who are increasingly becoming more environmentally aware and demanding of more eco-friendly products.

How Can Your Business Go Green?

Any product or service can go green, and every business will have a different approach to it.   It can be quick, effective and inexpensive in most cases, with a more in depth approach if a business wishes to be zero carbon with a full range of green measures and renewables.

What are the Costs and Benefits of Going Green?

It is proven fact that green businesses improve their brand image, attract more new customers, gain higher profits by lower operating costs (utilities, waste disposal, etc.), and improved employee productivity, morale and retention.

The risks of green businesses are reduced as energy prices constantly increase, supply chain opportunities rise, reputation improves, borrowing power strengthens, and customer satisfaction realised.

The costs of going green can be minimal to non-existent.  A well thought out Corporate Social Responsibility policy will ensure that environmental measures have a small up-front cost which is then offset by savings.

How Green should you be?

There are many shades of green; however, green-washing is no longer acceptable by the consumer.  Your “green” statements, whichever shade of green they be, must have a meaningful environmental benefit and be embedded into an organisation from top level to shop floor.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help you to achieve your corporate and social objectives by focusing your business in a number of strategic areas.

The benefits are wide ranging - it will help you win tenders, get Green Deal accreditation, and put you on the all-important supply chain in the growing green economy.

With quality standards such ISA 14001 in Environmental Management becoming more and more important, compliance with environmental law and regulation is becoming a major priority for many businesses.

A Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy will raise your company’s profile in the local community and in the wider context by demonstrating a commitment to ethical trading, reducing carbon footprint and by tackling global climate change.

Save money, reduce environmental impact & make the most of the energy you use. We offer a range of environmental services from law to strategy; solar panels to biomass boilers; energy optimisation to energy technology; air con inspections to free audits. We skill-up & re-skill your business and offer supply chain traceability. Make the most of Green Deal opportunities & the low carbon decade. Call for FREE ADVICE:


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