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Draft Green Deal PAS 2030: Which trades are implicated?

Posted on: 2011-11-06 14:43:32

The Draft PAS 2030 will be finalised early 2012.  It contains a number of Annexes which detail the scope of installations which will need to be PAS 2030 certified.  It involves many trades and it is well worth you checking to see if your trade is included.  If so, take advice and prepare yourself for Green Deal Accreditation, otherwise you may miss out on massive opportunities from October 2012.

The Draft PAS 2030 has been designed for any business, large or small, who wishes to undertake the installation of any products and/ or systems designed to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings - particularly where those products and systems are to be installed within the remit of Green Deal.

It includes requirements in respect of installation processes, process management and service provision and includes criteria relating to installation methods, equipment and tools, product and material suitability and the training, skills and competence of the people undertaking such installation. For a copy of a jargon free summary of this part of the PAS, please use the ‘get in touch’ form on 

The definitive list of installations in the Draft PAS is as follows:- 

Annex    Measure Specific Requirement 

A             Condensing Boilers, Natural Gas-fired, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas fired

                (Domestic and Non-domestic)

B             Condensing Boilers, Oil-fired (Domestic and Non-domestic)

C             Heating Controls

D            Under-floor Heating

E             Flue-gas Recovery Devices

F             Gas-fired Warm-air Heating Systems (Domestic and Non-domestic)

G            Electric Storage Heaters (Domestic and Non-domestic)

H            Cavity Wall Insulation

I              Loft Insulation

J              Pitched Roof Insulation

K             Flat Roof Insulation

L             Internal Wall Insulation

M           External Wall Insulation

N            Hybrid Wall Insulation

O            Draught Proofing

P             Floor Insulation

Q            Heating System Insulation (pipes and cylinders)

R             Energy Efficient Glazing and Doors

S             Lighting Fittings

T             Lighting Controls (Non-domestic)

U            Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

V             Solar Thermal

W           Solar PV

X             Biomass Boilers

Y             Micro CHP

Z             Micro and Small Scale Wind Turbine Systems

AA          Health and safety considerations


For more information on how to get the PAS 2030 when it is finalised, visit: