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How to Get Green Deal Installer Accreditation

Posted on: 2011-11-05 17:13:48

See what the DECC’s latest thinking is on Green Deal accreditation for installers.  PB Energy Solutions has also summarised the PAS 2030 in an easy to read, jargon free format.  This will help you and your business to better understand how to get Green Deal Installer Accreditation.…..

PAS 2030 

The British Standards Institution published the draft version of the PAS 2030 on improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings. It sets out the requirements on issues such as installation controls, equipment, inspections, handover and corrective action procedures.  Consultation is now closed and the final PAS will be available early 2012. 

Installers will have to be certified to PAS 2030 in order to be eligible for Green Deal work. The standard will ensure that they carry out improvements properly. 

DECC has formed a Green Deal Finance Company – an industry-led consortium investigating how to finance the Green Deal for consumers. Members of the consortium include Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets and RBC Capital Markets. 

DECC has agreed to fund UKAS for training to help support certification bodies applying for accreditation under PAS 2030.  Training is expected to be available January/February 2012, once the PAS is published. 

PB Energy Solutions Ltd has summarised the PAS 2030 in an easy to read, jargon free format.  If you would like a copy, please use the ‘get in touch form’ on 

Who will be the Accreditation Body? 

The tender process is expected to commence anytime now in order to appoint accredited certification bodies by July 2012. That will allow 3 months for them to register their members on the Green Deal Registers.  There will be another round of applications in February 2012, then at regular intervals, to allow all interested certification bodies to enter the accreditation process.   

Who goes on the Green Deal Installer Register? 

Only those on the register can operate under the Green Deal.   DECC has clarified that: 

1. PAS 2030 sets the standard for Green Deal .

2. Certification bodies apply the standard and are accredited by UKAS.

3.Those accredited then pass on details of members to go  onto the Installer Register (managed by an Oversight Body). 

It is not clear at this stage who or what should go on the register e.g. named individuals, companies, other.  In PAS, the certification body will hold registrations at operative level which is similar to CIGA and the Gas Safe Register.   Legal liability may be held at organisational level through the contract relationship with the consumer. Registration at this level will include commissioning and design work for indemnity purposes. Registration will also include sole traders.  Registration will encourage the Green Deal Providers to manage the supply chains closely and allow large Green Deal Providers to set their own standards for supply chains. 


DECC are discussing the phasing in of operative registers although there is some concern that development of this model within 12 months may not be possible.   Carding at operative level has been deemed costly where an individual may not complete the full job.   Options for carding include: 

1. Card not required at operative level.

2. Card not required at organisation level.

3. Requirement for card at the legal entity level with no requirement for carding of operatives.

4. Requirement for card at the legal entity level and some sort of carding to operative level

 It is thought there will be a preference for option 4  with the period of time for industry sectors to card operatives in line with the PAS review no later than every 2 years. 

Code of Practice

Not just PAS 2030 certification! In addition there will be a Code of Practice.  According to the DECC, the  Code of Practice will be signed and accepted by the certification body on behalf of the Green Deal Installer.  There is a possibility that there will be a requirement in the Code of Practice for certification bodies to update the register with new/removed entries.  The skills challenges will be addressed as soon as the Code of Practice is made available. 

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