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Accountants – leading on green change?

Posted on: 2011-09-26 15:56:20

Be a Change Leader!

Accountants are in a strong position to establish themselves as leaders of green change and in so doing save money, enhance their image and increase profitability.  Our “Accountants’ Green Business Case”  can turn you into a market leader.

Accountants are the eyes and ears of business.   As such they can set an example by demonstrating their own environmentally awareness.  There is so much opportunity for green initiatives for accountants.   It is not simply about eliminating paper use and saving energy, it is about embedding green goals into the core of accounting practices for all clients.

Environmental awareness is a priority issue among businesses due to increasing scrutiny and expectations.  The deteriorating environmental conditions have made it necessary to promote green causes for the coming years. Regarding sustainability, businesses must recognise that their actions impact the environment in the short- and long-term.

We advise how you can reach your green goals and how you can get them embedded into all your practices. 

Our tailored package:  ‘Accountants’ Green Business Case’ - has been developed by PB Energy Solutions to ensure green policies are incorporated into organisational culture at every level and that goals are developed in order to achieve a high level of environmental responsibility.

As well as going green internally, the package encourages environmental responsibility in other companies. Accountants are in a strong position to evaluate the environmental awareness of audited clients and then inform on relevant information concerning environmental risk.

By implementation of green initiatives at all levels, accountancy firms will establish themselves as leaders of green change, enhance their image and increase profitability.


We offer a range of environmental services from law to strategy; solar panels to biomass boilers; energy optimisation to energy technology; air con inspections to free audits. We skill-up & re-skill your business and offer supply chain traceability. Make the most of Green Deal opportunities & the low carbon decade. 
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